Our FAQ and Policies


What is C2C?

A series of classes dedicated to providing the necessary skills that we need for problem-solving, self-discovery, and social and emotional wellness. Through the lens of creativity and curiosity, our classes bring fun, interactive, and self-lead exploration directly to you and your community through our professionally trained C2C teachers.

Where can I find a class?

C2C classes can be found anywhere! Check our programs to see if there any near your area, if not, contact us and let us know your interest in bringing C2C to your community!

How long is a C2C class?

That depends! We offer classes that have a flexible time frame. From one-week classes to two weeks, or even eight-week classes. Within those weeks we can offer twice a week, three times a week, and even a full week of classes. We match our classes to your needs!  

Why do creativity & curiosity matter?

According to research, curiosity and creativity have been linked with providing not just students but everyone with the necessary life skills. From an increase in creative problem solving, confidence, and social and emotional intelligence, creativity and curiosity help bring out the best in us.

How is my donation used?

Your donation will be used to help bring C2C to communities in need and provide the necessary materials and equipment for kids to experience C2C at its best!

How can I get involved/ volunteer?

Visit our contact us page and send us a message and sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on any volunteering opportunities we have.  

What is your privacy policy?

Our Privacy Policy is here!

How does C2C partner with other organizations?

We provide partnership to those who are in the field of education or philanthropy. We vet our partners seriously to ensure that our students receive the best possible class experience.