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Our FAQ and Policies


What is Curiosity 2 Create?

Specialized coaching and professional development experience that is tailored made for your specific needs as an educator. Using our CREATE Method which is designed by teachers for teachers, will help you rekindle your passion for teaching and create the classroom experience that every educator dreams of.

Where can I find coaching?

We offer both online and in-person coaching to help make it more manageable for you. To learn more or book a session now click here!

How long is a Curiosity 2 CREATE coaching session?

That depends! We offer our coaching and professional development sessions in 30, 60, or 90 minute blocks, but we are always willing to work with you to fit your specific needs. 

Why do creativity & curiosity matter?

According to research, curiosity and creativity have been linked with providing not just students but everyone the necessary life skills. From an increase in creative problem solving, confidence, and social and emotional intelligence, creativity and curiosity help bring out the best in us.

How is my donation used?

Your donation goes directly towards our June Barnard Scholarship Fund and will be used to help bring our professional development and coaching to local schools and teachers in need.

See your impact here.

Do I need to be a teacher to get access to coaching?

Absolutely not! If you just want to learn how to be more creative in any job or even personally we can help with that. Even those who aren't teaching yet we would love to help prepare you for your time in the classroom!.

What are your policies and terms?

Does Curiosity 2 Create partner with other organizations?

We provide partnership to those who are in the field of education, philanthropy, or professional development. We vet our partners seriously to ensure that our students, teachers, and clients receive the best possible experience.

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