About Us

Our Mission

Curiosity 2 Create strives to equip educators and students with the skills needed to embrace their innate curiosity and  encourage creative thinking by providing tailored, practical, and leading-edge training and resources.


Our Vision

A world where all learners embrace fearless exploration and creative thinking.  

Our Values

  • Igniting and cultivating students' natural curiosity and creativity, while encouraging them to not be afraid to ask “why?” and “why not?” ​

  • Maintaining the highest standard of education quality in all that we do. 

  • Providing opportunities and support to help educators reach their goals

  • Promoting belonging and inclusion for all students and educators


Our Services

Our Curiosity 2 Create programs are centered on bringing a unique experience that promotes and develops creative problem-solving skills, creativity, and curiosity to people all across the U.S.


Our programs help reduce the fear of failure in students and create a judgment-free zone in the classroom. Which allows everyone to freely and confidently explore their ideas and their curiosity.

Core Beliefs about
Curiosity and Creativity

  • We believe that curiosity and creativity are natural components of our existence 

  • We believe that curiosity and creativity are essential to every human’s ability to solve challenges

  • We believe that curiosity and creativity are beneficial and valuable at a personal level (resiliency, well-being, problem-solving) and a societal level (invention and discovery)

  • We believe that curiosity and creativity are essential life skills that can be developed and purposeful 

  • We believe that curiosity serves as an important catalyst for creativity

Our Philosophy on
Learning and Instruction

  • We believe in the importance of lifelong learning and staying curious.

  • We believe that while it is hard to predict what jobs will be available in 10-20 years, someone with the skills to utilize their curiosity and creativity is best prepared to adjust, learn and relearn, and adapt to the situation. (World Economic Forum, Future of Jobs Survey, 2018)

  • We believe that curiosity and creativity skills can be directed toward any subject a learner is interested in.

  • We believe in conducting sessions in a psychologically safe environment with mutual respect. 

  • We believe in the value of learning from failure.

  • We believe in the value of reflection time, and allowing participants to make their own personal connections based on what they experience in a session.

  • We believe in the power of asking questions. 

  • We believe that by embracing the differences among us - we can find greater success together.

  • We believe that effective communication is key to building a strong and creative team.

Our Team

Featuring a team of creative and curious individuals from all different walks of life who work hard to ensure that you receive the best experience possible to them.