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Meet the Team Dedicated to Teacher Success

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About Us

What is Curiosity 2 Create

At Curiosity 2 Create, we provide professional development and community to teach educators how to integrate interactive creative thinking approaches into their classrooms, so that they’re empowered to engage students in dynamic learning experiences, improving  student receptivity, academic performance, and teacher retention. Our approach alleviates the pressure on teachers by shifting from traditional lecture-based methods to interactive engaged experiences. Students respond positively through collaborative learning and exploration, fostering a dynamic classroom environment that supports continuous engagement, growth and success.

Our Mission

Curiosity 2 CREATE strives to equip K-12 educators and students with the skills needed to embrace their innate curiosity and encourage creative and critical thinking by providing tailored, practical, and leading-edge training and resources.

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Our Vision

Curiosity 2 CREATE’s vision is a world where all educators and learners embrace fearless exploration and creative and critical thinking.

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Our Values

  • CREATIVE THINKING - We believe that creative thinking can be taught in every classroom and allows for insightful learning, empowering students and teachers to embrace novel ideas and perspectives.​​

  • EMPOWERMENT - We believe in empowering educators to embrace curiosity, be open to new ideas, take risks and explore possibilities.

  • GROWTH - We believe in life-long learning.  As educators, we continually seek and attempt innovative teaching methods to make learning relevant and meaningful in our classrooms.

  • CLASSROOM COMMUNITY - We believe there is true power when educators unite as a community to share, collaborate, learn, and problem-solve together.

Our Team

Featuring a team of creative and curious individuals from all different walks of life who work hard to ensure that you receive the best experience possible to them.

Engaging Workshops

Experience a workshop like no other where teachers will walk away with new strategies and lessons to try in their class! We travel to any school so contact us now to set up one for your school district!

Professional Coaching

Work with one of our coaches and gain the strategies and tools that you need to bring curiosity and creativity into your already existing curriculum. Whether it's online or in person we are here for you!


Join our online community of educators and administrators and get access to robust lesson plans, online courses, group discussions, and webinars! 

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