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Engage and Foster Deeper Learning Through Creative Thinking

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Increase student and faculty engagement, improve academic performance, and prevent chronic absenteeism using the CREATE Method

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Who We Have Worked With

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Students are falling behind. 
Teachers are quitting faster than ever.

80% of students are falling behind in skills that students had in the 1980s, while over 50% of teachers have said they will likely leave teaching within the next three years.


You can fix that.

Talk to us about how our professional development for teachers, admin, and entire districts can help you reach your goals.

Curiosity 2 Create is for those:

  • ​Educators who want to foster deeper learning experiences

  • Districts seeking teacher support amidst turnover and the influx of new educators with minimal pedagogical skills

  • Those who want to incorporate proactive teaching methods to address a critical thinking and problem-solving skills gap among students

  • Schools seeking to address learning barriers due to lack of engagement

  • Teachers who aim to transition students into enthusiastic learners

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What The CREATE Method Does

Increase Teacher Retention

The CREATE Method  gives time back to the teachers and lowers their overall stress.

Improve Student Engagment

With a stronger teacher-to-student dynamic, students are eager to answer questions and participate in lessons, all while increasing test scores.

Reduce Chronic Absenteeism

By creating a classroom environment students don't want to miss, you can see a positive increase in student attendance.

Empower the Entire School

The CREATE Method helps strengthen the teacher and student bond to create a collaborative environment schoolwide.

Professionally Trained Staff of Teachers

Always Hands On Workshops

Research-Backed Methods and Strategies

Tailor Made Professional Development

See What Teachers Have to Say About Our Professional Development Workshops

Tasia Seros

"I believe this was one of the most useful professional learning days I've attended."

Five stars

William Sanders

"This PD/workshop should be mandatory for all schools especially the ones for at-risk students. Katie and Chelsea were engaging and was able to remind us of why we chose the career of education."

Five stars

Darla Spinner

"I would absolutely recomend this workshop to anyone!"

Five stars

Meet the Author of the CREATE Method

Katie Trowbridge

During my 25 years of teaching high school English, I witnessed firsthand the decline in student engagement and the loss of passion for teaching among my own colleagues. I knew something needed to change, so I developed The CREATE Method with the help of some amazing teachers. My goal was to create professional development and coaching that teachers actually want. I now bring the CREATE Method to schools, conferences, and teachers nationwide.

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"Our goal is to inspire you by enabling you to become creative problem solvers and critical thinkers who seamlessly integrate these skills into your classrooms. We believe mastering creativity enhances social-emotional wellness and fosters a supportive and engaging community where knowledge and communication thrive in a collaborative environment."
President and CEO, Katie Trowbridge

Integrate Creative Learning

Examples of how to incorporate this approach

  • Assign open-ended projects that allow students to explore their creativity and express their thoughts and emotions

  • Incorporate storytelling and narrative writing into lessons, allowing students to develop their unique voices

  • Encourage students to design and build models or create inventions to solve real-world problems

  • Use puzzles or games to engage students in mathematical thinking

By incorporating creative thinking, educators can nurture students' curiosity, imagination, and innovation skills, preparing them for success in an increasingly complex and dynamic world.

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Our Latest Blogs

Our blogs feature educational articles filled with loads of curiosity and creativity research, tips, and so much more.

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Our Creative Team

Consisting of seasoned professionals with diverse abilities and experience, our team is determined to cultivate curiosity and creativity throughout the world. 

Creativity in Education Podcast

Check out the Curioisty 2 CREATE Sponsored Podcast featuring our very own Vice President Dr. Cyndi Burnett and her co-host Dr. Matthew J. Worwood

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