The CREATE Method

A new way to look at creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving for personal, professional and educational development 

What is the CREATE Method?

The CREATE Method centers not just on the traditional creative problem-solving process but the unique creative person solving those problems.

According to recent research, being a creative critical thinker is predicted to be one of the most important skills needed in the future. The problem is that either people don’t believe they are creative or we, as a society, do not nurture their creativity. Businesses and schools must start recognizing the significance of creativity in everyday practice - from curriculum to professional development.


of today’s youth

are less creative than their 1980s counterparts

So What Does CREATE Stand For?

Create method.png

Curiosity Seeker

  • What drives us?

  • How do we form the questions to uncover the unknown?

Reflective Risk Taker

  • How do we embrace failure?

  • How do we learn from failure?

Equity Advocator

  • Is everyone created equal when it comes to creativity?

  • Can equity be built?

Attitude Shaper

  • Can open-mindedness be taught?

  • Can conformity and individuality co-exist?

Team Builder

  • How can we build a strong team with contagious energy?

  • How can determining our creative personality help us function more effectively and efficiently?

Endless Possibilities

  • How can we endlessly improve upon our objectives, goals, desires, and achievements?

  • Where does our newly developed ability to be continuously curious and creative take us next?