The CREATE Method

A new way to look at creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving for personal, professional and educational development 

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Welcome to The CREATE Method, a new method to help bring creativity and curiosity into the classroom! 

Our method is created by teachers - for teachers and uses six unique steps to help curate the ultimate classroom experience! We know that every classroom, teacher, and student is unique, that's why we made sure that these six steps can be used in any order and completely tailored specifically for your needs! Now let's look at exactly what The CREATE Method does.

What is the CREATE Method?

The CREATE Method centers not just on the traditional creative problem-solving process but the unique creative person solving those problems.

According to recent research, being a creative critical thinker is predicted to be one of the most important skills needed in the future. The problem is that either people don’t believe they are creative or we, as a society, do not nurture their creativity. Businesses and schools must start recognizing the significance of creativity in everyday practice - from curriculum to professional development.


of today’s youth

are less creative than their 1980s counterparts

So What Does CREATE Stand For?

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Content Curator

  • How do we curate curiosity and creativity into an effective and informed knowledge pathway?

Risk Facilitator

  • How do we encourage students to push outside their comfort zone and enter the creative zone?

Experience Navigator

  • How do we make the learning experience engaging, relevant, and beneficial?

Attitude Shifter

  • Can an atmosphere where attitude is valued and affirmed be created?

Team Transformer

  • How to create strong, creative, and collaborative teams with contagious energy?

Evaluation Designer

  • How can we create opportunities that encourage curiosity and creativity so that students can manage, monitor, and modify their own learning?