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The CREATE Method

A new way to look at creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving for student engagement, teacher retention, and chronic absenteeism

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What Is The CREATE Method?

The CREATE Method is a new method that provides teachers with the tools necessary to create engaging lesson plans and units while still following their already-established curriculum

Our method is created by teachers - for teachers and uses six unique guides that allow teachers to reach every student inside their classroom. 

Why You Need The CREATE Method

According to recent research, being a creative and critical thinker is predicted to be one of the most important skills needed in the future. The problem is that either people don’t believe they are creative or we, as a society, do not nurture their creativity.


Schools need to start recognizing the significance of creative and critical thinking in everyday practice in order to prepare students for the jobs of the future.

of today’s youth

are less creative than their 1980s counterparts


The CREATE Method is an innovative approach designed by teachers for teachers to reinvigorate your classroom with creative thinking and problem solving skills. Our method is built around six unique steps that will help you transform your classroom experience, tailored to your unique needs as an educator. Each classroom, teacher, and student is different, and The CREATE Method embraces this diversity, allowing for a personalized application that meets your specific educational goals. Our services include professional coaching, transformational workshops, and training around the CREATE Method, to enhance engagement and creative thinking skills. 

See What Teachers Are Saying 

"The CREATE Method can be weaved into any curriculum. What I appreciate about the CREATE method is that it's not just a one-time activity. It has activities, but it's an ongoing routine. When you implement it with well-researched intentions, it acts as a layer atop your existing framework/curriculum, effectively reshaping it to foster curiosity and creative thinking."


-Dr. Kathy Kipp

Many students expressed interest in the more creative aspect of their learning experience, indicating a shift towards a facilitator role and increased communication. Students are more engaged and motivated, with better performance in previous standards taught using the CREATE method. The CREATE method has been tested on various standards, revealing a difference in their long-term knowledge compared to their short-term knowledge. When students are encouraged to think critically it leads to better self-learning.


-Katie B

"Once I started this program, I learned that creativity is so much more than just art. The Creative Thinking Network is so beneficial, being able to hear how other guest speakers are using creativity. It allows me to just be able to continue to incorporate ideas into our  program." 


-Bethany B

What Does CREATE Stand For?

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Content Curator

As educators, we know our content.  But, curating the information means sharing knowledge in an in-depth, relevant, and challenging manner.  The CREATE method allows educators and students to consume information critically, ignite curiosity, and creatively question information.

Risk Facilitator

Many students and teachers express anxiety about sharing new or contrasting ideas, fearing failure and judgment.  This segment of the CREATE method aims to change that mindset and illustrate the importance of embracing ambiguity and uncertainty, being open-minded, and deferring judgment.

Experience Navigator

By creating unique, inquiry, and problem-based units, students can individualize their classroom experience. The CREATE method navigates educators through ways to engage and challenge students, to embrace challenges and problem-solving in a meaningful and relevant way.

Attitude Shifter

How we view the learning process, ourselves, and others can significantly impact our ability to be curious and think creatively and critically. Learning to shift one’s attitude to align with each unique situation filled with ambiguity is essential when presented with differing perspectives.  The CREATE method examines open-mindedness, deferring judgment, embracing failures, and the impact attitude can have on a creative classroom environment.

Team Transformer

Learning how to function in a creative environment allows team members to be stronger, efficient, confident thinkers and problem-solvers.  This portion of the CREATE method focuses on the key tools and strategies to transform communication skills and team effectiveness.

Evaluation Designer

Soft skills such as creativity and curiosity can be a challenge to assess.  During this section of the CREATE method, learn how to provide opportunities for students to take ownership of their learning, and design assessments that offer numerous chances for feedback, all while encouraging risk and creative thinking.

Engaging Workshops

Experience a workshop like no other where teachers will walk away with new strategies and lessons to try in their class! We travel to any school so contact us now to set up one for your school district!

Professional Coaching

Work with one of our coaches and gain the strategies and tools that you need to bring curiosity and creativity into your already existing curriculum. Whether it's online or in person we are here for you!


Join our online community of educators and administrators and get access to robust lesson plans, online courses, group discussions, and webinars! 

Want to Learn More About the CREATE Method?

Schedule a quick 15 minute call and find out what the CREATE Method can do for you and you're school.

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