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June D. Barnard Scholarship Fund

Creativity and curiosity often grow in challenging times full of ambiguity and uncertainty. With the northwest side of Chicago as her backyard, June was born to a struggling 16-year-old mother and was eventually separated from her brother and mother until she was nine.

June depended on her imagination and creativity to keep her sense of wonder alive as she created stories in her head and waited for her family to be reunited. She had been to four different grade schools when Raymond Duberville entered this little girl's story and created a family full of love and support. The uncertainty she once experienced now had a permanent address and a classroom she would graduate from.

When you ask June why she started the Curiosity 2 CREATE Scholarship Fund, she states, “Every day I awake is a blessing, and it has a purpose.

My purpose is to bring hope, courage, strength, and self-confidence to our teachers as they infuse curiosity, creativity, and critical problem-solving into the lives of their students. Igniting their curiosity and creativity by discovering the incredible opportunities that can be theirs regardless of their situation in life. Curiosity and creativity are keys to building confidence, a healthy mind, and hope for a brighter future”.

One thing is certain: June Barnard embodies creativity and curiosity, and her passion for it is contagious. That's why June founded Curiosity 2 CREATE and why this scholarship is named in her honor. Until this day, she is reading, learning, and creating.


Individual educators, school districts, or non-profit organizations that apply to participate in one of the following educational experiences offered by Curiosity 2 CREATE:

Full-day or half-day workshops

Two-hour training (online or in-person)

Keynote Speaker

Professional Coaching - individual or group

Online Classes

The candidate or organization should have limited or no access to resources for their Continuing Professional Development.


The desire to learn how to incorporate creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to enhance personal, professional, and educational growth.


Complete the following application and include:

  • A brief description of why you are interested in learning about the power of creativity and critical thinking in the classroom.

  • Why do you believe the June D Barnard Scholarship is needed for you or your organization to participate in these programs?

  • Signed Certification Section either by hand or using online signature software.


When completed. Please email the application to  We will reach out to you for further information. 

Want to Help Provide Scholarships?

Donate directly to the JDB Scholarship Fund using the button below to help ensure that teachers, students, and entire school districts have access to the training and help that they desperatly need.

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