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Show Off Your Creative Side

About Our Products

Hey there! Welcome to our store, where we've got a fantastic range of high-quality products that are perfect for both educators and students. Our collection includes shirts, posters, stickers, and buttons that are made from top-notch materials and feature fun and inspiring designs that will brighten up any classroom.

Our store is all about quality and inspiration, so you can be sure you're getting the best of the best. Whether you're a teacher looking to motivate your students or a student looking to express yourself, our products are perfect for you. So go ahead and explore our selection today, and get ready to add some fun and positivity to your school day!

Our Goal

100% of profits goes back into providing professional development for educators!

Our products are a way for us to provide educators with fun ways to promote creativity, critical thinking, and overall positivity in their classroom while also providing funding towards our June D Barnard scholarship fund. This fund helps us provide our Curiosity 2 CREATE programs to educators and schools all around the country completely free or at a reduced cost.

Our Clothing Collection

Our Classroom Collection

Celebrate creativity in your classroom with our classroom collection. A series of fun and positive designs that can be given as rewards to students or even just as a way to show your creative side both in the classroom and out. 

Our collection features amazingly durable vinyl stickers, buttons and posters all which can be purchased singular or in bulk. The choice is yours!


Pick your favorite designs today!

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Vinyl Stickers



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