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Professional Coaching

Let us help you create the classroom experience of your dreams!


Teaching can be lonely 

Sitting by yourself in a classroom trying to discern the best way to engage students in the content while finding time to incorporate creative and critical thinking, collaboration, and communication is challenging. 


You know your students.  You are the expert in your content.  Most of the time, you just need someone to be a sounding board.  Someone to walk next to you during the curriculum creation process to offer you support and guidance.


Our education experts have decades of experience in the classroom and will work with you one-on-one or in small groups to tailor your curriculum to meet the needs of your students.

What Clients Say

"Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation. I have been telling all my colleagues about it at LT as one of the best presentations I've been to."

- English Teacher

Lyons Township High School


What Can Our Coaching Help You With?

Curiosity 2 CREATE’s coaching sessions will enable you, the educator, to infuse your already existing curricula with curiosity and creative thinking skills. During each session, educators will work side-by-side with an Education Creativity Specialist to uniquely tailor lesson plans and units to encourage students to move from their comfort zone to their creative zone. These sessions will be tailored to fit your schedule and specific needs. Our sessions are one hour long but can be adjusted and we offer multiple session packages at a discount!


Contact us to set up your free introduction meeting!

What Each Session Includes

  • A dynamic approach to our own CREATE Method

  • 30, 60, or 90 minutes one on one with one of our professionally trained coaches

  • A tailor-made plan with unique strategies and tools for your specific classroom needs


What to Expect From a Coaching Session

  • Initial discovery consultation to tailor sessions

  • Custom sessions centered around a specific unit or lesson in your curriculum or around a specific issue you are encountering in your classroom

  • Continued support throughout the development process

  • Meet times tailored to meet your specific needs - weekly, bi-monthly, monthly

  • Follow-up after completion and implementation 

  • Facilitation of revision if  needed

  • Optional feedback on taped or virtual classroom lessons

Tailor-Made Coaching Sessions

Sessions tailored to meet the specific needs of an educator.  Topics could include:

  • Developing a creative classroom environment

  • Revising curriculum to incorporate creative and critical thinking

  • Personal creative growth

  • Finding joy in teaching

  • Motivating the unmotivated

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