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The CREATE Method

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Ready to change education for the better?


A unique method for teachers -  by teachers. The CREATE Method gives educators the strategies and tools needed to build an engaging and inspiring classroom experience.


Consisting of six steps, The CREATE Method doesn't need to be done in any particular order and can be tailored to each educator’s unique and specific needs!

The What, Why, and How of our Classes

What We Do

With the help of creativity, curiosity, and education experts, Curiosity 2 Create has developed a set of online courses using our own CREATE Method alongside personalized one-on-one coaching to assist educators in incorporating curiosity and creativity into their already existing curricula to help them prepare students for the challenges they will encounter at school and in the future.

Why We Do It

Education is in crisis!

Creative problem-solving skills have been on a drastic decline since the 1980s, without these skills our students will struggle to keep up with the growing demands of our ever-changing world. Using our CREATE Method learning process you will produce confidence, self-sufficiency, and make natural creative problem-solving exciting for your students.

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Only 1 out of 5 students are as creative as their 1980 counterparts - creativity is on a decline!


Only 25% of people believe that they are living up to their creative potential

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How We Do It

Our services are adaptable and can fit into any need you have! Our coaching can be adapted for use during professional development days or work with us independently.


We offer:

  • Extensively researched and designed online courses 

  • Access to an online community of creative teachers

  • Tailored and unique professional development for educators 

  • One-on-one coaching with experienced educational consultants