Our Program

An In-depth Look at our C2C Program

Learn about what the Curiosity 2 Create experience is all about, our discovery models, and why Creative Problem Solving is at the core of it all!


The Curiosity 2 Create Experience

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Our Discovery Model


Why Creative Problem Solving?

The What, Why, and How of C2C


What We Do

With the help of experts in creativity and education, Curiosity 2 Create has developed a program where kids discover their innate curiosity and creativity and are given the tools to “up their game” as creative problem solvers.

Why We Do It

Our objective is to strengthen our students' innate creativity and curiosity, eliminate the fear of failure, and give them the skills needed to creatively solve problems. When we give our students these tools they can create choices, ideas, and solutions for themselves. This learning process produces confidence, self-sufficiency, and makes natural creative problem-solving exciting.


How We Do It

The Curiosity 2 Create program is adaptable!  Program modules can be adapted for use in daily after-school enrichment programs or summer camp settings. Experiences range from a “taste” to a full immersion in curiosity and creative thinking.  

See our Class in Action!