Why Creative Problem Solving?

Often the only way to achieve a creative outcome is by overcoming a series of challenges. Creativity of this nature isn’t easy to do and it takes more than ordinary effort. It takes more than persistence! It takes careful, deliberate thought, and needs a good dose of imagination. The bigger the challenge, the more imagination that is needed. 

Of the many problem-solving models out there, Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is one that leverages imagination (Fox & Fox, 2010; Isaksen, Dorval & Treffinger, 1994). As the name plainly shows, it's a particular kind of problem-solving: it’s problem-solving with the aim of achieving a creative outcome. And it is well named: studies have shown that training with this model is highly effective in producing creative outcomes (Scott, Leritz & Mumford (2004).  For this reason, C2C programs draw generously from the CPS model, featuring many activities that explicitly teach tools and principles of CPS.