• Nathan Biggs

What to Expect From a Curiosity 2 Create Class?

Updated: Jan 4

Curiosity 2 Create is finally here!

What is Curiosity 2 Create’s Mission?

Rooted in real-world experiences, Curiosity 2 Create introduces students to new and novel experiences that provide the life skills needed to succeed in the real world. At Curiosity 2 Create we encourage students to explore their curiosities and discover their creativity.

Research shows that students today express a deep fear of failure and overly strive for perfection. If we can encourage students to understand and embrace the idea that failure is acceptable, it will provide them with an opportunity to learn and grow. Seeing failure as an opportunity will strengthen and empower our youth to be critical thinkers and innovators.

Now don’t get us wrong, we, at Curiosity 2 Create, believe that it's essential to strive to be your best, but it shouldn't become a source of anxiety and depression that so many students feel today. Viewing failure as a needed stepping stone towards success helps lessen the perceived negativity it can possess.

What is Curiosity 2 Create’s Process?

At Curiosity 2 Create we believe that goal setting is an imperative skill and one needed for future success. Our program allows participants to focus on a specific goal of their choosing which helps them remain engaged and find purpose in the learning process. It is vital that students not only focus on their individual goals but also collaborate with their peers to ensure success for all.

Through this process, we see our students emerge from their fear about sharing their aspirations to feeling confident and secure in their ability to succeed.

It’s amazing to watch young minds discover their potential, for example:

● A 7th-grade Boy centered his goal around becoming a professional Esports player.

● An 8th-grade girl created a goal to become a faster runner on her track team.

● An 8th-grade girl focused her goal on wanting to start a candy shop.

Our teachers start the goal achievement process by having students creatively create a storyboard and visualize their goal and the steps to reach it. From imagining to actively researching and working on their goals, students turn something they are curious about into something they can successfully achieve.

Since we encourage students to set long-term goals, we equip them with strategies to take their goals higher and actively achieve their goals.

How does Curiosity 2 Create’s program work?

A unique aspect of our program is that it is entirely flexible and tailored to fit the needs of our participants. With programs ranging from eight weeks to one week, our Curiosity 2 Create trained teachers use a student-centered and individualized curriculum to challenge students' problem-solving processes.

By presenting them with new experiences and activities, we introduce them to challenges rooted in real-world situations and encourage them to find their own unique solutions.

Because our program is individualized, we have multiple plans to choose from - each aligning with our mission to build the skills within curiosity and creativity. We are always open to designing more subjects to fit within the Curiosity 2 Create curriculum, so we encourage you to reach out to us.