• Nathan Biggs

What is Curiosity 2 Create?: Why it was Made

Updated: Mar 23

What is Curiosity 2 Create?

With only a few short months left until we see Curiosity 2 Create classes come alive in communities near you, we wanted to break down exactly what our program will have in store for your students and community!

Curiosity 2 Create is an educational program designed to cultivate creativity and curiosity through our weekly or daily classes that present novel learning methods that debunk the fear of failure that so many of us have today. We want to challenge the idea of failure and what it means to fail and succeed while developing necessary life skills through curiosity and creativity.

What makes Curiosity 2 Create unique is our use of small class sizes, emphasizing self-directed student learning while being centered around our research-based curriculum designed to teach through real-world experiences.

We designed Curiosity 2 Create especially for students from grades 3rd to 8th to actively help them from a young age to work towards their goals. All while they practice creativity and curiosity in a safe and inclusive classroom setting. Being creative and curious on purpose can bring countless unique ideas to the classroom!

With all of these elements combined, students can explore their curiosity freely without the fear of judgment or failure blocking their way.

For many, trying something new or challenging can feel like a significant risk! At Curiosity 2 Create, we work hard to create a safe environment for students to explore and grow, one in which students have the opportunity to try new things, make mistakes, and learn from them.

That's why we here at Curiosity 2 Create worked hard to find a way to break the habit of perfectionism and fear of failure so the next generation of students will be fully equipped to tackle any problem that lies ahead.

In a way, we want our students to fail. We want them to learn that everything does not need to be entirely correct the first time. We believe that failure is simply a part of the problem-solving process and a necessary step in the journey toward success.

Why We Made Curiosity 2 Create

That's why we have created our program, Curiosity 2 Create!

Curiosity 2 Create is a nonprofit program that's been years in the making. Using the expertise of both researchers and professionals within the fields of creativity, curiosity, and education, we have discovered a way to bring creativity and curiosity directly to you and your students.

Despite what many think, we are all curious and creative people deep inside. It's not something that you either have or don't have. It's something we all have. We are all creative in our own unique ways that should be celebrated and not leave us feeling like we aren't.

Many students have so much pressure on them between grades, after-school activities, and now the pandemic that the anxiety of it all can be extremely overwhelming for our kids. Feeling like they need to be the best or constantly comparing themselves to the person sitting next to them, we want to remind them that failing isn't as bad as they think.

Thomas Edison failed more than a thousand times when he first invented the lightbulb, and he's known as a genius worldwide!

If we can get students to understand that trial and error isn't something to be afraid of but rather embrace, they may feel more comfortable with their own ideas and ambitions. We lead them to actively pursue their interests and goals without worry, knowing that failing is just part of the process.