Our Beliefs

Core Beliefs about
Curiosity and Creativity

  • Everyone is naturally curious and creative

  • Creativity is essential to the human ability to solve challenges

  • Creativity is beneficial and valuable at a personal level (resiliency, well-being, every problem solving) and a societal level (invention and discovery)

  • Curiosity and creativity are essential life skills that can be developed

  • Curiosity serves as an important catalyst for creativity

  • We can be curious and creative on purpose

C2C Philosophy on
Learning and Instruction

  • We believe in the importance of lifelong learning and staying curious.

  • We believe that while it is hard to predict what jobs will be available in 10-20 years, someone with curiosity and creativity is best prepared to adjust, learn and relearn, and adapt to the situation. (World Economic Forum, Future of Jobs Survey, 2018)

  • We believe that curiosity and creativity skills can be directed toward any subject a student is interested in.

  • We believe in conducting sessions in a psychologically safe environment with mutual respect.

  • We believe in making mistakes and learning from failure

  • We believe in the value of student reflection time, and allowing students to make their own personal connections based on what they experience in a session.

  • We believe in the power of asking questions.

  • We believe that teachers are “lead learners” and facilitate the journey of discovery

  • We believe that teachers can teach in a creative way, while also helping people develop their creativity.