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Curiosity 2 Create

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Shop Everything—from the Curious, to the Creative

Check out the latest designs from Curiosity 2 Create, including the Curious Creators Club, and the Creative Thinking Network. Just like the Curious Creators, let your curiosity run WILD in our fashionable outfits— or check out other items inspired by the book! Looking to brighten your creative thinking space? Check out our latest designs for the Creative Thinking Network, including vibrant desk accessories, and more! 


Whether you're a part of the Curious Creators Club or an enthusiastic member of the Creative Thinking Network, our latest collection has something special for you. Embrace your creativity with our stylish and innovative designs. 




100% of profits go back into providing professional development for educators!

Our products are a way for us to provide educators, students, and faculty with fun ways to promote creativity, critical thinking, and overall positivity in their school. All while supporting schools nationwide as each purchase goes back into our June D Barnard scholarship fund. This fund helps us provide our Curiosity 2 CREATE coaching and professional development programs to educators and schools nationwide, completely free or at a reduced cost.

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Shop the Curiosity 2 Create Collection

Fashion and accessories to highlight your creativity!
(C2C Collection)

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The Latest Designs, 

Inspired by the Book

Which character best represents YOU?

Showcase your personal creative style, and your favorite Curious Creator, with one of six beautifully designed posters in the Curious Creator Collection. Chose the aspect of creative thinking that best aligns with you, and order the poster that matches your vibe!

Take a look at the Curious Creator posters, illustrated to bring out the creativity in anyone who looks upon!

Shop the Curious Creators Club Collection

Which one will you choose?

(CCC Collection)

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Wiggles approved Merch!

Calling all Curious Creators! Wiggles, our champion of creativity, has curated a collection of must-have items to fuel your imagination and unleash your inner artist.

Does your furry (or feathery!) friend share your creative spirit? Wiggles has them covered too!  Find fun and stylish pet accessories designed with Wiggles' seal of approval.

Express yourself with Wiggles' paw-some sticker designs, based on the Curious Creators Logo! Slap them on your laptop, sketchbook, water bottle – anywhere that needs a touch of Wiggles' magic!

Transform your workspace into a haven for creative exploration with a Wiggles-designed desk pad! The large, illustrated surface is perfect for sketching, writing, or just doodling your next masterpiece. Plus, it protects your desk from everyday wear and tear.


All items in this collection are personally selected (and paw-printed!) by Wiggles, so you know they're perfect for igniting your creativity.

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Shop the CTN Collection

Find items to brighten up your desk, or the latest fashion picks! (CTN Collection)

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